Animal Lovers Treat: Spend the night at Fauna Australia Wildlife Retreat (Lavers Hill).  Hand-feed friendly favourites like wombats, kangaroos & koalas.  When the sun goes down, the nocturnal species emerge (Bandicoots, Potoroos, Gliders, Bettongs and Tiger Quolls).  Great adventure for the entire family.  Close to The Otway Fly, Triplet Falls & Melba Gully Glow-worms.  Midway between Apollo Bay and The Twelve Apostles.  S/C units, linen & animal feed supplied.

3 night Family Specials available (even over Xmas/ Jan holidays)



All guests can enjoy meeting our koalas.  We will organise a suitably convenient time. The Tan family below (Nov '10).

Jaryd, Sophie & Chloe have a koala "teddy bear" picnic with Banjo, Bella, Courtney, Matilda and Clancy (20th March 2011).

We house 5 out of the 9 mammal species now extinct in the wild in Victoria.


    By staying with us, you are supporting our important endangered breeding programs.  We fund Fauna Australia solely on guest' tariffs.  We hope you leave here a great ambassador for Australia's amazing animals.  Tell your friends.  We have a 10% discount for all repeat and referral guests. 

 We believe that to truly appreciate Australia's unique wildlife, you need to view them at their most active.  You also need to interact with them.  Viewing a fleeing wild animal, or seeing a picture in a book doesn't instill that same connection.  Education/ interpretation through interaction leads to protection through conservation.  This starts with our kids.

  Great Australian Wildlife Experience for couples, families or international visitors.

                                 Popular kid's book character "Grug" visited some of his Aussie friends.  Here with Oliver the Olive python.

"Wombat Cottage" at dusk. "Kangaroo Unit" as the night animals emerge
Torches are provided to experience our nocturnal species. Watch out for the free range Bettongs and Pademelons. The kids will love the adventure of exploring at night!


Sophie & Jimby (swamp wallaby)

Chloe & Betty (rufous bettong)

Be a part of a real conservation effort: breeding endangered species, and species now extinct in the wild in Victoria.  Unfortunately it is no longer safe in the wild for much of our native fauna.  We have some of the largest successful breeding colonies of such animals.  Our guests' support is an important aspect of our success.

Jaryd & Pottie (potoroo)

Owned & operated by Dean (B.Sc Zoology) & Kirsten (B.App Sc Ecotourism), Fauna Australia Wildlife Retreat is only for our guests (no public entry).   

Extremely child friendly as we have 3 small children ourselves: Jaryd 8, Sophie 6 & Chloe 4.


 We are only 216 km from Melbourne Airport via Princes Hwy (Colac), and 240 km from Melbourne via The Great Ocean Road.

    Unlike many wildlife parks and zoos, you can feed our animals.  We provide animal feed, but you can always bring some of their favourite food to make extra special friends.  See the favourite snacks to bring list....... Snacks to Bring.


Jaryd & Molly (common wombat)

We've bred a wombat! "Molly" having a drink from Mum "Sally"

Great Family Fun!
Fauna Australia 5040 Colac-Lavers Hill Rd, Lavers Hill 3238.  

ABN: 26130723390

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We operate our important endangered breeding programs, as well as house and feed all our residence entirely from guests' tariffs.  We receive no external funding.  Thank you for your support!

Access to the wildlife is exclusively for our staying guests only.  We do not take day visitors.  Other wildlife parks exist in our area.


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